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Baking Lobster Tails
Prepare your lobster tail by first making sure it is completely thawed.   Thawed lobstes will be more tender than if cooked frozen.   Cut your tails by using a scissor or sharp knife, cutting the tail along the length of the tail through the shell, straight in the middle.   Leave Fan tail intact.   Pull the meat up between the cut shell.   Lightly brush the tail meat with butter, oil and salt or pepper, or seasoning of your choice, then place your tail into a pan.    Turn your oven on until it reaches 400 degrees.   Broil according to the following chart below.     Your Tails are ready to be served.

Boiling Lobster Tails
Place lobster tail, thawed into a large kettle of boiling water.    Add 1 tsp of salt.   Start timer once water boils.    Keep lobsters boiling according to the chart below.   Tails are ready to be served.
Time Table For Broiling & Boiling Lobster Tails (in minutes)

Weight                 1 - 3 oz.         4 - 6 oz         10 -12 oz.        14 -16 oz.

Broiling                3 - 4 min.       5 - 6 min.         8 -10 min.      12 -15 min.

Boiling                 3 - 5 min.       5 - 7 min.      10 - 12 min.      15 - 20 min.