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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why should I consider buying from 
    Not only do we provide the freshest and sweetest Maine lobster meat, we also offer the lowest Maine lobster prices and lowest shipping costs online! 
  2. Why are your lobster prices and shipping prices so low, what is the catch? 
    There is absolutely no catch.   We sell and ship a great deal of Maine Lobsters and seafood throughout the US and around the world.    As in any business, volume helps, and it also helps when we deal directly with the people who bring the lobsters in.  Based on this fact, we can simply offer great prices on lobsters and shipping. 
  3. Are you sure you are not sending out soft shell lobsters?
    Absolutely, positively sure.   We do not ship soft shell lobsters, unless you ask specifically for soft shell lobsters. The reason is because soft shell lobsters do not live well beyond 24 hours. Getting hard shell lobsters means that our boats will have to travel further out into deeper waters.  We would rather spend our energy ensuring you will get a fresh and live lobster upon arrival, rather than a potential claim to deal with.
  4. Your prices appear to be competitive, however some prices are even lower, why is that?  the saying goes, you get what you pay for.    Just be cautious, some lobster companies are quite small, so whatever they catch, they will need to sell, and they'll sell it at all cost no matter what quality the lobsters are, rather than let the lobsters die.   Keep in mind this means you may often get a week lobster, or one that simply is not full of meat, what we call firms or new shells or even soft shells.  These lobsters are far lower priced, becuase of the meat content.    That is the difference with us versus, companies that appear to offer low prices.  Our lobsters are 100% hardshell lobsters.  AGAIN, we stand behind our quality, that is why so many high end restaurants and companies use us for their lobster needs.
  5. What happens if I get a dead lobster when I ordered for a live one? 
    Rarely will this happen, but when it does, we will credit you for the dead lobster. Our guarantee is 100% live lobsters upon arrival (Exception: Acts of God and weather delays beyond our control).  You must, however, inform us in writing ( or by calling us (1-800-796-3189) within 2 hours of receiving your package.  We cannot be responsible if you call us 3 days later, to let us know.  (Leaving us a message on our phone or an email is fine)  We absolutely DO NOT Tolerate False Claims, and can usually tell when false claims are made.   Please inform us immediately when you have an issue.  Early notice, allows us to assess the matter promptly.  Keep in mind when a refund is issued we reserve the right to request a return of the dead lobsters.  Of course at our expense.

  6. What price breaks are available?  
    Any order beyond $500 is considered wholesale, whereby we offer further discounts for higher volume orders.  Please consider calling us should you have a large order or wish to send out lobsters as gifts; it is likely that we have a deal that can accommodate your budget, and yet impress your intended recipient.

  7. How long have you been shipping lobsters? 
    We have been shipping lobsters for over 20 years.   We started at our Lewiston, Maine facility and later branch to other locations.   We've lost count of how many customers we've supplied lobsters to, but can say that we have beyond 40,000 customers, with a great portion being loyal and returning.   You can say have the process of packing and delivering lobsters down to an art.  We owe our business to our wonderful customers, and the referrals they've given us. 

  8. How do you pack your lobsters?  
    Every package we prepare is prep with an insulated container and with "Perishable" printed on the outside of each box.    Gel packs will accommodate the lobsters to assure their liveliness upon delivery.   With the exceptions of special lobster deals, free bibs and placemats are complimentary with all live lobster orders.  Our boxes are very presentable.

  9. When do I need to place my order in order to receive it the next day? 
    All orders for ‘Cooked’ lobsters need to be placed by 12:00 PM EST by the day before you wish to have them delivered. This is so we can have time to cook and cool-down the lobsters. All orders for ‘Live’ lobsters or any other products need to be placed by 2:00 PM EST on the day before you wish to have them delivered.

  10. By what method do you ship out our orders? 
    Currently, we ship out all meat/seafood orders via UPS Next Day Air service.

  11. Do you have a catalog displaying all of your products? 
    No.  We currently do NOT have a catalog. We are working into having one available in the near future.

  12. Do you offer any coupons or discounts for returning customers? 
    Yes, we do offer a 5% discount for returning loyal customers. We do NOT offer any tangible coupons at this time. Other various discounts can be found on the internet or on our website from time to time. 

  13. Do you sell your products wholesale? 
    Yes.  We can work out exclusive rates for loyal customers who often order large quantities.

  14. Do you sell to restaurants, caterers, casinos, etc? 
    Yes. We are always looking for opportunities to work directly with companies big and small. Our Sales Manager will work directly with businesses to make sure they receive the products they need for their own customers.

  15. Do your product prices ever change? 
    Yes. Prices vary from time to time depending on market prices and economic situations. We will always offer you the best prices you can find, without sacrificing quality.

  16. Can we just pick up our order at your location instead of paying for shipping? 
    Yes, but you must call and let us know ahead of time because our facilities are not always safe for everyone. We are constantly working and moving large pallets/crates around the warehouse. 

  17. How far in advance do I have to place my order?  
    You can order for “Live” lobsters up to 2 PM EST the day before you would like to receive your lobsters and 12PM EST for “Cooked” lobsters. This gives us adequate time to select and prepare the lobsters for Next Day Delivery.

  18. What kind of payments do you accept? 
    We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.   Checks are acceptable but must be received before we are able to send out the orders.

  19. What sets you apart from other lobster companies?
    We pull and ship from multiple ports in Maine, and ship thousands of lbs of lobsters daily.  This gives us a plethora of lobsters to select from allowing us to grade the lobsters by quality and size.    Unlike small companies/lobstermen, who are limited by what they catch, we pull from our own boats as well as local boats (more than 50 boats) to supply our demand orders.   This gives us a large selection of lobsters, versus our competition and allows us to fill all size orders in a short period of notice.   And best part is, you are getting a great quality lobster at a reasonable delivered price.  That is whay we are known for.
  20. Why are some companies selling their lobsters at lower prices?   
    Make sure you are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.  Some vendors online are single lobstermen, who need to sell lobsters to get rid of their catch of the day which may include soft, semi-hard and hard lobsters.  These vendors may have decent products, but when ordering from them, you risk the chance of getting their limited selection.  At first glance, their lobster prices might appear cheaper, but with packaging and shipping costs, their prices are clearly more.  And when their prices are far lower.  Beware, there may be a catch, you will find out for yourself upon receiving the lobsters.    You will need to compare the final total costs to see the difference.  Once you receive our products you will find you can depend on us for quality and reasonable pricing.  .

  21. Why are some companies so much higher?
    Some companies sell their lobsters at higher rates because they participate in affiliate programs which require them to pay commission on each sale.  Hence, to cover the third party’s cost and still profit, they increase the rate and make you, the customer, pay more.    Occasionally, you are simply paying more for their brand name or for some of the miscellaneous items that we don't supply, i.e. crackers, lemon/butter, dipping sauce.  We figured that giving you the essentials, i.e. lobsters, bibs, and placemats, are enough to keep the costs low. 

  22. Do you guarantee your lobsters?  
    Yes.  We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your lobsters and that once ordered ‘LIVE’, your lobsters will arrive alive.  We are committed to pleasing our customers, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact us immediately, day or night.  We will address your issue as soon as possible.   Note however, we always reserve the right to request a return of the package for a refund. 

  23. How should I store lobsters once received? 
    Taking the lobsters out of the box, put them on a tray, cover them with wet newspapers, and place them in the cooler side of the refrigerator--never the freezer side.   The lobsters will be fine the entire day if kept in this manner.    Do not submerge the lobsters in water nor place them with fresh ice.   Stagnant water will kill the lobsters by drowning them.   Please understand that if you wish to keep your lobsters to the following day, you are doing so at your own risk.  We cannot guarantee lobsters beyond the day of delivery.   You will need to monitor the lobsters and keep in mind that if do die, you will need to cook them within 8 hours of death.

  24. What should I do if a lobster has died upon arrival?  
    Immediately call us at 1.800.796.3189 to let us know.  That way we can instruct you or assess the situation.   If a lobster is dead, you will be refunded accordingly.

  25. What should I keep in mind when ordering lobsters?  
    Premium lobsters command premium prices.  Beware when a lobster price quoted to you is extremely low.  There are many grades of lobsters out there from soft shells, firm, old shells, hard shells, etc.  We only deal with hard shells, the grade with the freshest and sweetest meats.    Also, make sure that you are buying lobsters that are directly from the state of Maine and the vendor is on the list of Certified Maine Suppliers.  A good source is the Maine Lobster Council.



Frequently Asked Questions