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Mr. McCarthy sent us this image of him celebrating his 50th Birthday at the foothill of the snowy Mtns in CO. He was pleased with our Lobsters, that he sent us an image showing how our Lobsters were part of his B-Day Celebration on April, 2008 We're glad to be a part of your joyous occasion, Mr. McCarthy! The Team
Glen & Barbara with live two pounders from Simply Lobster
Dear Simply Lobster:

I was so busy cooking lobster during our 7 June 2009 New England Clambake in Santa Fe, NM that I forgot until almost too late to take pictures. However, here are a few I did take. Among 30 attendees were several from the northeast who said the lobsters, from Simply Lobster, were the best they ever had. They now refer to the event as "the first annual"., and I believe we will try to make it an annual event. 

Glen Smerage
Santa Fe
Simply Lobsters:

We had a superb dinner last night of steamed clams and lobsters procured from Simply Lobsters. The clams and lobsters arrived in excellent condition: essentially no broken clam shells (at least 20% breakage last June) and big lively lobsters. The clams were very clean of sand, sweet, and tasty. The lobsters were very tender and tasty; the arms and claws may have been the most tender I have ever had. 

Our dinner was an excellent celebration of 96 years for my mother Carolyn Dryfuss; her first 60 years were lived in Georgetown, MA, where she often ate lobster and fried and steamed clams. My sister Bonnie, from TN, had not had clams or lobster for several years.
To Simply Lobsters,
 We would like to thank you for providing our delicious anniversary dinner. It wasn't for a large party but to us seafood is a party. And those were the best lobsters we've had in a long time. And for a GREAT price. Delivery was quick and the lobsters were alive and kicking. I would also like to comment on how great your customer service is VERY helpful. We will definitely be ordering more lobsters from you in the near future and referring you to our friends and family. So thank you again for those awesome lobsters and the timely delivery.
Gomez Family
Dear Simply Lobsters,

The lobsters were FANTASTIC! Thank you!  Raffi