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Dear valued customer,

For over twenty years, SimplyLobsters has been and continues to be one of the most reputable seafood distribution companies in the United States, serving people all over the country.  Some of our regular clienteles include casinos, country clubs, fine dining restaurants, various distinguished corporations, and more.  We provide quality service that is incomparable and unrivaled. 

Why choose us? 

Here at SimplyLobsters, we believe in, proudly stand by, and work according to a number of principles that ensure customer satisfaction every time: 


  • Quality Our lobsters and other seafood products are shipped directly from Maine.  Because of this, you can expect to experience a taste that is truly authentic and delicious.  We focus on shipping Maine HARD-SHELLED lobsters that are full of meat with a naturally subtle sweet taste.  The hard shell of the lobster seals in rich, buttery meat thats savory, flavorful, and satisfying.  Anything else is imitation! 
  • Value For such a luxurious meal, we offer unbeatable prices.  We are committed to providing competitive prices for all of our products.  It is one of our company's philosophies to provide the best value and service for our customers.  As a result, weve developed a loyal nationwide fan base that can expect top-notch quality for bargain prices from us each and every time. 
  • Selection In addition to selling lobsters individually and in bulk, we also offer a wide variety of other seafood products and dishes.  We offer delicious filet mignon, separately, as well as packaged in with a lobster tail as a Surf & Turf meal.  We offer steamer clams, crab cakes, snow crab claws, gulf shrimp, bisques, chowders, and much, much more.  With everything that we have to offer, you can experience an authentic Maine feast! 
  • Promptness We ship everything priority overnight to ensure a punctual delivery to your door and to maximize freshness and quality. 

For the best seafood in the world, theres only one company that you can trust.  Weve stood the test of time and we hope to continue serving quality seafood for many more years to come. 


From your friends at SimplyLobsters,

Donald L   &  George G.

Donald L. and George G.